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Once you have carefully selected the clothing that best meets your needs the next step is to get it branded with your logo.

We use a variety of branding methods depending on a number of factors including the material of the garment, the complexity of your logo, the positions you would like to brand and the colours and finished effect you would like to achieve.

We will help and advise you of the best branding method to choose so just e-mail us a copy of your logo and we will do the rest.

We have put together a brief explanation below of some of the most popular methods we use to brand your clothing.




Screen printing is the most popular form of printing to many garments and is a very cost effective way of producing a quality finish and printing large images say on the front chest or back of a t-shirt.

As embroidery is costed by number of stitches for larger branding such as the front centre chest or back of the garment we would recommend one of our print methods as it would be more cost effective.

Another factor to consider when choosing between print and embroidery is if you have a complex logo with tints, shading or fine detail this can be difficult to achieve by embroidery and we would recommend a suitable print method.

Embroidery works by having a design stitched to a garment through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines.


Screen Print

Screen printing uses a fabric stretched tightly over a frame. Images (stencils) are created by blocking parts of the screen using various techniques. Ink is then forced through the open areas of the screen onto the surface of the object. A separate screen must be created for each colour and you will see this on your quotes where we call it origination.

Screen printing is the most popular form of printing to many garments and is a very cost effective way of producing a quality finish and printing large images say on the front chest or back of a t-shirt.



A printing technique that we will often suggest if you have a full colour image or photo that you would like to brand to a garment such as a t-shirt or polo shirt as there is no restriction on having multiple colours, tints and shades in your design as there would be if we embroidered or screen printed them.

The process works when a digitally printed image is gassified into the material by means of a heat press or direct application of heat. The special sublimation dyes have a special quality that turns them from a solid state to a gas at a certain temperature without going through a liquid state. The dyes can be absorbed into the material of the garment. When cooling down the material seals the dye making the print extremely wash proof as the image is not on the top of the surface but actually in the material.

An example of a good use for dye-sublimation would be a fully branded, full colour bespoke cycling top or other bespoke garment where you would like all over, full colour print.


Transfer Printing

As the name would suggest transfer printing is a type of personalisation used to transfer a design from one surface to another. It is similar to screen printing and sometimes hard to see the difference but it is often used when the registeration is tighter or you need to print a full colour design. The main difference with transfer printing is heat is used at the end to apply the image to the garment but we will always recommend to you if screen printing or transfer printing will produce the best result mainly based on having a looking at the complexity and colours in your logo or design.



This is a newer, unique method of decoration which is mainly used to add dimension to your logo when branding a promotional clothing garment or other material item such as a promotional bag. It has the perceived value of embroidery with the added benefit of sharp true colours such as shiny foil colours for a branding method which really stands out.


Neck Label Printing

This is a new service we offer to provide an internal neck label in up to 2 colours printed directly to the garment rather than a sewn in or woven label which some wearers can find irritates their neck.

We can create a high end, fashion led retail look with this service. It has a large print area of 90x90mm to brand your business in a stylish way, popular in high street stores.

This service also provides additional advertising when the garment is hung up at work, at a clients or in the gym. The service is cost effective and volume based.



We offer a professional re-labelling service for garments that we have decorated. We use trained machinists who will remove the manufacturers original label and replace it with your own personalised printed or woven label.

The result is a flawless label switch creating a garment which is part of your very own clothing range. We ensure that your garments have a high quality, retail finish.

In addition we can add special effects as part of our garment finishing process as the labels can be embossed, rubberised or heat sealed.

Labels can be ordered in low minimum quantities from 1,000 and we can keep any overs in stock for future orders.

Garments can also be swing tagged, if required, to complete the re-branded look.


Swing Tags

We can supply bespoke swing tags for your garments to give them a customised, bespoke look. Our tags come in a range of sizes and materials from low minimum quantities and are designed to be eye catching as well as functional.

They can hold information such as your brand story, product information, size and price information and combine well with our other forms of personalisation to give your garments a fully bespoke retail look.

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