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11 Mar

Ideas To Reward Work From Home Staff...

Promotional clothing is an excellent way to reward and stay in touch with hard working staff and customers who have been working from home for many months...

After many (many!), months of working from home and dealing with issues such as home schooling your children, bad internet connections, cramped working conditions we believe loyal staff and customers deserve a little something in the post to remind them that their efforts are much appreciated.

Being part of Love Merchandise and supplying branded promotional gifts and clothing we are seeing a rise in enquiries for this type of promotion especially with the gentle unlocking and return to hopefully better times.  A lot of enquiries and orders have been for items such as branded cupcakes or brownies, boxes with some choice promotional tech, a mug or a notebook all delivered to the individuals home address.  It's strange as just 12 months ago we delivered very little directly to homes but it is now the first question we are asked when an enquiry comes in - can you deliver to - insert number - home addresses?

The reason for this blog was although the promotional food and gifts are great and work really well we wanted to shed some light on the part branded clothing can play as a home working reward or as part of a marketing campaign to a customer base which you may not have heard much from for a little while.

A quality item of clothing, subtly branded and delivered to the individual addresses of your staff or customers is a great way to show your appreciation or keep your brand front of mind as the world begins to unlock.  The clothing also then acts as great marketing for your brand as every time it is worn many, many people will see your logo.

So the key is to select the right item and the right branding.  This could depend on your industry, type of customers, how you want to display your message etc but these are all questions we can help with and suggest some ideas.  Recently we have produced some lovely Cottonridge premium hooded tops which is our favourite hoodie due to it's quality, subtly embroidered with a logo and packed and shipped them to staff home addresses all around the world.  The customer wanted to keep the branding subtle to encourage the staff to use the hoodies outside of working hours.

Another great idea is branded socks!  The good thing with these is that they are one size so you don't even need to know your staff or customers sizes.  We can completely customise the colours and branding on the sock and the tag to display a thank you for there home working efforts message and the socks are then put into a eco friendly compostable bag and shipped to the individual addresses.  They are also small so low shipping costs!

We also recommend popping in a little postcard with a personal message.

If you would like to discuss producing some branded clothing as a home worker reward please get in touch with me Paul Kelly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and i will be happy to provide you with some options, quotes, visuals and samples.

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