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03 Feb

Introducing Some Quality New Hoodies...

These hoodies are seriously good...

You may not have heard of Anthem but hopefully you soon will.  They are new to our range and whilst we begin with offering the hooded tops we will soon also be adding their t-shirts to our range.  For us they fall into the premium category of hooded top alongside our long term favourite premium hoodie the Cottonridge Ultra Premium.  We can prove this as the Anthem Hoodies have also made it onto our sister website Love Luxury - www.loveluxurymerchandise.co.uk - which specialises in providing quality corporate gifts and clothing.

So why do we like them so much?  Well it starts with Anthems 3 brand values which are: to be ethically sourced, use exceptional fabrics and be a great surface for branding.  Anthem hoodies are made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester.  A quick word on polyester which had a bad name in the past and were not sure why and hopefully people now realise it's value.  We generally prefer a garment when it has a mix of cotton and polyester as the polyester adds a nice sheen to the finish and makes the colours look vibrant, wash well without coming out creased and generally we believe it helps make a better garment.

Anthem can back up how eco and sustainable their garments are with all of the certification such as Sedex, WRAP, Certified Organic Cotton, Approved Vegan etc...

So being good for the environment is great and very important these days for both protecting the planet and the image we give to the recipients such as our staff and customers about our brand values.  But the hoodie has to be good right?  Well there's no worries on that front as these are made luxuriously thick and have an incredibly soft feel inside and out for ultimate comfort.  They are finished with twin needle detailing, high quality finishes throughout and a concealed zip.

They come in 3 main styles to suit everyone - pullover, zipped and ladies-fit.  They also come in a range of colours to match your brand.  We can mix and match your order for style of hoodie, colours and sizes so everyone can get the hoodie they want.  As mentioned above they are ideal for branding and we recommend embroidery and screen print or a mix of the two for example embroidering your logo to the left breast position and printing names or departments to the backs.

If you would like more details please contact me to arrange a quote, visual or sample (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Also please see the links to the product pages below:



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