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We will help you every step of the way from your initial enquiry to delivery of your garments and beyond.

We always recommend people get in touch with us as we can quickly and easily help you order the right garments using our years of experience.

In addition below we have answered some common questions which we hope will help you.

Which garments should I order?

You will probably have an idea of the type of clothing you need i.e jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts etc. So to break it down further we recommend considering the intended use, whether they are to be worn inside or outside, what colours you need as not every garment will be available in your colour, do you want a trendy more fitted garment or looser fitting. Also your budget will come into consideration and many other factors but we are happy to do this work for you and suggest garments we consider will work well for your intended use.

What colour garment will work best for me?

You will probably have a main brand colour which will determine the answer to this but if not maybe consider the colour of your logo as you will want a garment colour that will contrast against your logo colour so it shows up. For example if your logo is red it will not show up on a red garment so you may need to go for a lighter colour such as white or brand your logo in white instead.

The intended use will also play a part as for office workwear you may want black, white or navy but for an event or a leavers hoodie you may want a more vibrant colour.

Can I order different colours of the same garment for the same order?

Yes! So using the College Leavers Hoodies as an example we have done them for 50 students and everyone picked a different colour. This is fine and providing the branding is the same on all 50 then the price is the same. One thing to keep in mind and we will help with this is making sure the branding will show up equally as well on all of the colours chosen.

How should I get my clothing branded?

Generally it will either be printed or embroidered. We do offer a wider range of branding options – see our Personalisation Page – depending on the material of the garment, complexity of the logo and look you would like to achieve but generally most garments will be able to be printed or embroidered.

Some garments such as polo shirts are better embroidered and some such as t-shirts are better printed. When embroidering it is costed by the number of stitches so generally smaller logo branding works well with embroidery but large front chest or back designs look better and are more cost effective to print.

We will be able to recommend the best method of branding once your garments have been selected and we have seen your logo.

Which sizes should I order?

Choosing the sizes you would like to order is always one of the most important and can be trickiest parts of ordering clothing for other people. Sometimes everyone knows their size and it is straightforward and other times you may need to split your quantity into chunks of different sizes.

As a general rule we always say if you are stuck between 2 sizes go up as most people will prefer a garment is slightly bigger than too tight.

Another option is to order a couple of samples and pass them around for people to try on and record their requested size on a simple spreadsheet which you can then send to us.

Can I order samples first?

Yes. If you would like to check an item for material, colour or fit you are able to order plain samples from us prior to making your final choice.

How do I get a quote?

We have supplied some guide pricing for each garment on it’s product page but if you get in touch with us either through our online forms, e-mail or telephone we will be happy to discuss your requirements and send you a confirmed quote of various options to consider.

What do origination and embroidery disc costs mean on my quote?

These are the set up costs for the branding. For printing we need to make a mesh screen for each colour we are printing and this is called origination. For embroidery we need to make a digitised embroidery disc to embroider your logo from.

You only pay the embroidery disc cost on your first order as we then keep it on file for all future embroideries of the same logo or design. For origination we offer half price screens on repeat jobs.

What format do I need to supply my artwork in?

The best format is a vectored AI or EPS file. We can also accept a high resolution PDF file. With branding the quality of the finish starts with using the correct artwork.

You will normally have used these files for anything you have had printed previously and your designer or marketing department will have them from when the logo was originally designed.

If you are struggling and only have a j-peg don’t worry as we are able to get it converted to a vectored AI or EPS for you and you can then keep these files for future things you need to get printed.

Will I receive a proof?

Yes. We only goto production on any job once you have checked and approved a proof. At the proofing stage you are able to make any changes to the logo, placement, colours or text until it is 100% correct before production.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

This will vary and we will always aim to deliver in plenty of time for your needs and event. Depending on production schedules at the time and the type and size of your order we can despatch from 3 or 4 days after approval of proof if required and a standard lead time would be 7-10 working days.

Do I pay for delivery?

No. We include free delivery to one UK address on every order. The only times you may need to pay a delivery charge is if you wanted to split a shipment and send to more than one address or if you wanted to send goods overseas.

We have been providing branded clothing to companies small and large for many, many years and we pride ourselves on helping each and every customer closely with their own particular requirements. We like a friendly but professional approach and are here to answer any of your questions and ensure you enjoy the order experience and receive some lovely branded clothing. Please contact us on 01189 332599 or Paul directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.


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